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Some Beneficiaries of Sparklers Free Pre-school Education

Aliyah E.Remandaban

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)


DOB: 25 JAN 2012

Aliyah is the youngest among 5 siblings.

She has an older brother who is a special child. Her mother needs to care for her older brother more than the other children so sometimes Aliyah feels neglected although she is the youngest in the family.

Aliyah’s father is a construction worker and her mother is a housewife. To earn extra income, the family sells ice in their house.

When Aliyah first joined our tutorial, she was shy and does not enjoy participating in class activities especially in dance and action songs. However as she gets comfortable with her new friends and teachers, she now enjoys dancing along and singing with a loud voice and she always keeps a big smile on her face!

Aliyah is expressive and good in arts. She takes time in coloring and wants her work to be neat. She is smart and is a fast learner in recognising new alphabets.

Redjoy Papauran

Redjoy lives in Balanak, San Jose in Tacloban City. She lives close to her classmates Aliyah and Zurin. Redjoy’s Father is a pedicab driver and her mom is a housewife. RedJoy is the 3rd among 4 siblings. She has a little sister who will ride with her in the pedicab as her father sends her for her lessons at Sparklers.


Before  SuperTypoon Haiyan, the family lived in Payapay which is at the end part of Baybay, San Jose. It was a slum area near the beach, where kids on that street are commonly seen to be naked and barefooted. Redjoy used to be one of those kids.


At the start of tutorial this June, Redjoy was a very quite girl who isolated her self from the other kids. Thankfully, she is now active in our classroom activities and have the courage to stand in front of her classmates for whiteboard presentations or songs. She is able to understand instructions and obey them. Although Redjoy is more comfotable playing alone, through many of our team building games in class, she has now learnt to share toys and build good friendship with her classmates.


Over time, Redjoy learnt to be more expressive and now she

loves to volunter to help the teachers distribute worksheets and pencils to the other children. She desires to be a teacher when she grows up. She definitely has great potential to pursue and fulfill her dreams! 

AGE: 5 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 21 JAN 2011

Zurin E.Espina

AGE: 5 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 20 JAN 2011

Zurin is the 8th among 10 siblings. He is the “kuya” (older brother) of Clint who is also is this class. Zurin is introvert who doesn't speak much. He went to Daycare Center previously but attended only for a week. His Mom told us that he hated school and refused to go to school after the first week there.


During Sparklers enrollment to receive our 2nd batch of students, his Mom wanted him to join because she heard from neighbors how Batch 1 kids enjoyed the tutorial. On the day Zurin’s mom brought him to our tuition centre, he resisted a lot and threw a tantrum.


During the first few days of lessons, Zurin doesn’t participate in our activities. He was quiet and shy and doesn't want to make new friends. Today, we are proud of Zurin that he has overcome his fear of school and he is delighted whenever he is asked to come in front of the class for our whiteboard activities. He is a sweet child who finds joy even in very simple things! :)

Clint E.Espina  

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 20 Aug 2012

Clint is a very active boy who loves action songs and is able to sing them from memory. Since he is the youngest in class, he loves to act like a little baby and crawl under our classroom tables. However, when the teachers ask him to sit down, he will listen to instructions and will also say “sorry Teacher”.


Clint is very polite towards his teachers. He has many ideas and has many stories to tell. He loves craft too and is curious about everything around him. He is a friend to all.


Clint is sometimes absent from tutorial when he has asthma attacks. I pray that God will heal him completely and continue to use him mightily because Clint is a great joy in our midst.


We are blessed by his presence because although he is the youngest, he has learned to say sorry when he knows he did something not so good. He finds it so easy to say sorry, which most adults find it hard to do it. We ought to learn to be like a child. Our precious lesson from Clint is this: A child forgives and forgets! Great job Clint!!

Jobert M. Pindos

AGE: 6 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 7 Dec 2010

This is the second year that Jobert is joining Sparklers tutorial. Well done Jobert! Through our ministry last year, Jobert despite the condition of his eyes was able to develop his motor skills and has learnt to be a more confident child with better self-esteem.


Jobert is able to mingle with others well and he is always the first one to cheer for his friends during their learning activities. Although Jobert can only see blurry images, he is a very active boy who is very optimistic and always joyful.


He is able to name all the Alphabets from Letter A-Z and is able to give the sound of each letter accurately. Although he could hardly see, he still loves to come to our tuition centre and enjoys every activity that the class is doing, be it games or colouring and writing or action songs. I’m proud of my teachers who take special care to assist Jobert in all activities so that he can enjoy learning like any healthy child.


Jobert’s father died during Super Typhoon Haiyan, and since then the family faces more challenges than before. Jobert’s  mother is not educated and this results in her having a hard time getting a proper job that pays well. With the aftermath of a deadly Typhoon, it’s hard for this widowed mother to provide for her family.


Having gone through such hardships, Jobert’s mom strongly encourages her two youngest children, Jobert and Jasmin to pursue their studies. Both Jobert and his younger sister Jasmin showed great interest to learn while attending our tuition programme. They are also always motivated by their eldest sister to study hard because that’s the best thing they can have. We are glad that Jobert and Jasmin has such family support because it is not common for families living in poverty to value their children’s education.

Jasmin M. Pindos

AGE: 5 (as of Jun 2016)


Jasmin is the youngest sister of Jobert. Like her Kuya (elder brother) Jobert, this is the 2nd year she is attending our tutorial. Jasmin has learnt to be attentive, joyful and helpful and has shown great improvement in her work and attitude towards others. She used to be moody most of the time, but she is now friendly and willing to share food with her classmates.


Day by day, we see her becoming more responsible and she is now able to understand and follow the instructions that the teachers give her.


Jasmin improved a lot in her writings and colouring. She used to cry when she was asked to stand in front of her classmates to present an activity but this year, she has also gain confidence for whiteboard activities in front of her classmates. She has also became a great story teller of her life and would share with us details in life like what time she woke up, what she had for breakfast, what games did she play with her friends…. We are so proud of little Jasmin’s achievements! Her smile really melts our hearts and we cant help but give her a big heart when she smiles at us J


Her favourite song is the “Salvation Song” in Tagalog and she is excited to go to elementary school next June!

MeAnn P. Dosal

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)


MeAnn is the niece of Jasmin and Jobert. MeAnn’s Mom married at the age of 16. MeAnn has a 1 year old baby sister whom she assist to take care of when their Mom is doing house chores. She is loves her baby sister and always talks about her baby sister during her conversations with her friends and classmates.  She is a quiet little girl who is more mature than her Auntie Jasmin.


Jasmin is 1 year older than MeAnn and they are playmates. Although MeAnn is younger, she always gives in to her Auntie Jasmin during their games. She seems to understand more, maybe because she is an “ate” (older sister) in the family while Jasmin is the youngest in their family.


MeAnn is a steady child who doesn't have much mood swings. She is very forgiving towards her Auntie Jasmin who tends to bully her neice. She is good in handling scissors or cutting whenever we have cutting activities/ craft. Her mom shared that MeAnn loves to write in the house after tutorial. She continues learning in their house and has improved a lot in her writing. She is always active in lessons and worship. She is doing well in her studies and has great eagerness to learn.


Her mom feels stress during the weekdays because MeAnn knows how to reason with her and fight for herself so that she will not have to miss any tutorial. Whenever her mom would say, “MeAnn, you will not go to tutorial today because I will go somewhere else.” MeAnn would reply, “I know you will just go to our neighbor and talk to each other, and I will take care of baby.” Her Mama finds it so amusing and then says “You really know everything now. Ok if you want to go to tutorial. You can go.” This is what MeAnn’s mom will share to us when they reach our tuition centre.  :)

Arjay Gideon M. Lingo

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)


Gideon started joining Sparklers Tuition on Nov 2015 at the age of 3. He celebrated his 4th Birthday in the tutorial. We call him Wonder boy because at his very young age, he tries to talk like an adult, act like an adult and think like an adult. He is the most influential among the other kids. He is always the one who takes the lead in everything (but most of the time it's a mess) :).


Gideon used to address others by their first name or “Hoy” which is unusual in Filipino culture because Filipinos are known to be respectful to those who are older than them and will address them as Ate (older sister) or kuya (older brother). After spending a few months in our classes, Gideon’s mom complimented that he is becoming polite and respectful. He has learnt to say, “excuse me” and “thank you” and addresses others with the proper terms.


Gideon is the only child and his mom gave birth to him at a young age of 19. His father works in an Appliance and Upholstery Store in Tacloban as a Driver Assistant. They deliver goods to Leyte and Samar. His mom is a housewife and sometimes accepts extra jobs such as laundry to get extra income.


He loves music and also loves animals like birds and chickens, in fact anything with feathers. :) He feeds them every morning and when his Papa is away for work for few days, his papa would assign him to take care of the rooster in the house. He is proud of that assignment and feels he is an adult.


Because his parents separated and remarried, Jairus lives with his maternal grandmother since he was born.


Despite being in a broken family, Jairus is happy living with his Grandmother, Lola Belen.


Jairus is quite talkative in class. He reads loudly and participates with his self-cheorographed funny actions whenever he is being taught a new song! Of course, with those funny actions, the whole class laughs along with him.


He is such an active boy who often climbs on the backs of Teacher Salvie and Teacher Terry. Recently, Jairus learnt to say sorry to his classmates when he did something wrong.


He has also improved in his writing skills. Jairus used say that he is tired and he would start to pack up whenever he was being assigned a worksheet during our lesson. With much encouragement from our very patient Sparklers Teachers, he is now able to finish his worksheets and hand them up on time.


Jairus loves to color and he is the most punctual amongst his classmates. 

Jairus P. Magbagay

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 5 JAN 2012

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