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Want to do something you enjoy while giving back at the same time?


Why not plan a friendly soccer match among friends or bake sale or organise a marathon with your office mates to raise funds for marginalised children who can be empowered with a helping hand?


Get-togethers are a great way to advocate for a cause you believe in while having a blast at the same time!


You can show your support by throwing a fundraiser at work/church/school or simply setting up a personal donation page for a marathon you’re running.

Here are some great fundraising ideas you can do to help us raise some funds:

  • Ask for permission from your supervisor to pass an envelop around the office to collect donations for a cause 

  • Bake Sale

  • Bento sets Sale

  • Holiday Celebrations with a purpose

  • Walk/Dance/Bike-Athons

  • Sports Tournaments

  • Craft Shows with your DIY products


If you want to plan an event in support of Sparklers Ministries International, we can provide tips and answer any questions you may have.


Official receipts can be issued by our organisation in order to provide accountability to all donors. 

Contact us to discuss your plans.

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