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The Inauguration of Sparklers Ministries International

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on this special day and name it Christmas. Today is a DOUBLE SPECIAL 双喜 day because we are also celebrating the birth of our ministry with Registry of Society, Singapore. It took us 8 years to prepare for this day and it was not a bed of roses in order for our ministry to come this far. There had been many tears of sadness and tears of joy. It is only by the grace of God and His strength that sustained us, which helped us with this official approval from ROS! :)

We are pleased to announce that Sparklers Ministries International, received our UEN: T16SS0189C on 24 Oct 2016. We are a Non-Profit Organisation, registered in SG and we abide by the rules and regulations of Singapore government.

It is really hard to successfully apply for a NGO with such stringent rules in our country but we give glory to our ABBA Father that we got such favour of approval at our FIRST APPLICATION without having to go through any interview!

We decided to invite our close friends to share our joy and testimony on Christmas because Christ is the only reason our ministry exist!

Thank you dear friends for taking time to come! Your presence is so important to our team and we hope you enjoyed your Christmas day with Sparklers!

Special thanks to our Sparklers Volunteers for designing this flyer, preparing our dinner and thank you Brother Wilson for leading us in worship and even staying back with your wife to help us pack up even though you are our guests!

All glory to God!

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