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Fully Packed with WOW!

If I am required to describe this recent trip in one single English word, it will be "WOW"! I'm so amazed at the work of the Holy Spirit!

This first trip to Tacloban in the new year is FULLY PACKED with testimonies, BLESSINGS of a NEW 2nd ministry house, the launch of a Bible Study Group with our Sparklers Parents and a HEAD-START on our Livelihood Program with our Sparklers Parents.

Of course, all of the above amongst the on-going free tuition program for our Sparklers Kids & house-to-house visitation to our Sparklers Families!

Here are some pictures! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as our new programs kick off!

Patricia (far right) is a beneficiary of Sparklers Free Pre-school Education program. Their Mama was diagnosed with Hep B while she was pregnant with Baby Pearl. We thank God for the miracle! Latest blood test results shows Mama is Hep B free! Indeed God answers prayers and nothing is impossible for Him!

Ministry House 1

Ministry House 2 (guess which house?)

Kids smiling ear to ear with their new clothes and shoes :)

Kids grinning from ear to ear with their new clothes and shoes!

House to House visitation

Its a productive beginning of year 2017 and we continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to empower us and guide us in our work so that lives will be blessed & Jesus will be glorified in what we do!

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