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2nd Ministry House @ Sofia

Bit by bit, our second centre in Tacloban City, Philippines has finally completed its renovation this Aug. We started to build the second storey as bedrooms for our Sparklers Teachers since May and made space for the ground level to be used as our tutorial classroom and livelihood training centre.

Our tutorial kids started having their lessons since 12 June 2017. After starting lessons, we realised that the morning sun keeps shining into the children while they were having lessons so we added a little shelter at the main door to block out some sunlight and the harmful UV rays.

We are now pleased to announce that the centre is at 80% functionality with newly painted walls, newly built staircase leading to 2nd storey bedrooms, new whiteboard and tables and chairs. But only 80%?? Where did the other 20% go to? Please keep our Sofia ministry in prayer for electricity (10%) and clean water (10%)!!

But you see the fan and the laptop? We thank God that we could tap electricity from our neighbour! :) Still praying that Leyco (the power supply company of Tacloban City) will install our unit's electricity soon!

As for the issue of clean water, the water tank only comes 2 to 3 times a week, so on the other days, the village really lacks clean water for their daily needs. Water is the basic need in life and its really tough for our Sparklers Teachers, Sparklers kids and all the villagers to go through life with limited water supply.

Thank you for being our prayer warrior! God bless.

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