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Erich's Medical Update

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a physical disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills - the ability to move in a coordinated and purposeful way voluntarily. CP usually is caused by brain damage.

More than 3 years ago, 5 year old Erich suffered from meningitis a few months after Super Typhoon Haiyan stuck her homeland on Nov 2013. Erich used to be bubbly and loves to make friends. After falling into a coma, she woke up with such a physical disorder. Erich is 9 years old now.

Erich has completed her 28th Physical Therapy session as of today and we want to thank God that she is now able to sit up with some support.

We would also like to also take this opportunity to thank all the donors who have been sowing into our ministry. Thank you for your trust and love. With your generosity, Erich does not need to lie in bed all the time anymore. :D

Medical science says that Cerebral Palsy is incurable but we truly believe that we will see a miracle because there is nothing impossible for God! We just have to continue to do our part to provide proper health care for our little girl and leave the rest to God. Thank you for praying alongside with us for Erich to experience the power of God in His time!

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