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Erich Needs Physical Therapy

We are heartbroken to know that Erich's mother abandoned her recently. Erich is now without parents as her father was also one of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Thankfully, her aunt (in the 2nd picture above) is willing to take Erich and her siblings in and care for them. Aunt Lit Lit has 5 kids of her own and with Erich and her siblings, she now has to care for 10 children. Since the mom of Erich insisted to leave our ministry house in 2015, Erich's health started to deteriorate.

Aunt Lit Lit shared with us that another NGO is assisting Erich with her mediation and also gives the family 3000pesos a month for Erich's daily expenses such as food and diapers. That's less than 3SGD a day to care for a disabled child and her 4 siblings! We know that Cerebral palsy can be greatly improved with regular physical therapy (PT) and with frequent movement of her body, Erich will also have lesser painful bed sores that are often attacked by insects :(

Sparklers has arranged for Erich to resume her first PT after more than a year next Tuesday. We are thankful that the Physical Therapist is willing to assist Erich at the same rate of 500pesos per session even though Erich has been relocated to Tacloban North, near the mountains.

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