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Voices of Sparklers Parents

"He learnt to share his food and is friendlier towards other kids. He often shares with me their activities that day and how they had so much fun in class. Sparklers is a great blessing to me in so many ways. I saw how the teachers love the kids in the tutorial, how they had helped them in so many ways in teaching them. So blessed how they have the passion to minister to the kids." - Mom of Gideon

"He improved a lot on his learning and even in his motor skills. He can now write his first name and recognize the letters well. I'm also surprised by his changed behaviour in the house. Jairus used to be hyper active and aggressive but he learnt to listen now. He even learned to be respectful, helpful and says "thank You” these days. I'm thankful to Sparklers for doing a great job with the kids in Baybay. You are good with the kids and our kids really enjoyed. They do not only learn how to read and write but also blessed with Spiritual values which helps them build their personalities and have better relationship with others." - Nanay Belen, Grandma of Jairus

“Sparklers is such a great blessing to my family. It brought so much joy to my 2 kids. I always see their excitement to attend the tutorial. I saw them learning a lot in the tutorial and enjoying themselves with the other kids. I thank God for Sparklers. Thank you for helping our kids. thank you for helping to teach them to write, to recognize letters and teaching them good values. Thank you for offering us free tutorial to improve the lives of our kids." - Ate Zuzette, Mom of Clint & Zurin

"I'm so thankful that Sparklers accepted Jobert despite his special need and for giving us free education. Thank you for being a blessing to us and ministering to our kids the word of God. I am so thankful to see my kids learning to love one another, helping one another and protecting one other. I thanked God for using Sylvia and Sparklers as instrument to blessed us with free education for children. Thank you for touching our lives and the lives of many children in Baybay. God continue to use you to minister to a lot of kids in the future.” – Nanay Narry, Mom of Jobert & Jasmin

“ I felt how much my child had so much fun at tutorial that she wouldn’t want to miss out a day of class. I see her enjoying and she always shows us her worksheets or the craft they make that day.” Thank you Sparklers for being a good influence to the kids in Baybay and teaching the children to value education in the way that the kids will enjoy.” - Nanay Maribel, Mom of MeAnn

"It is hard for us to send Aliyah to Daycare since we had to pay the monthly fees for books and the Janitorial fees. Sparklers is really a blessing and great favor to us, motivating the kids to learn, giving them stars and redemption of points. Thank you for the hard work, wisdom and the passion in teaching. Very rewarding! Thank you Sparklers for being the light and the hope for our future generation. You blessed our heart. We see God’s hand at work in your lives. May God continue to bless you and use you .Thank you." - Ate Lynette, Mom of Aliyah

"I saw how Redjoy was so close to the teachers that she keep hugging Teacher Salvie and Teacher Terry. We are not used to hugging our child ,we love them but we are not that typical parent who would kiss and hug them most of the time. We saw how the kids felt that they are loved and cared at Sparklers. Thank you for touching the lives of our kids and loving them. You are a blessing to us." - Ate Riza, Mom of Redioy

"I'm surprised that Patricia knows how to write her name now and able to recognize the letters. Sparklers had really taught them to the best that they could teach them. I thank God, and the people at Sparklers for the heart to teach the kids and motivating them to learn and to do good always. Thank you for loving God and for loving the kids in the tutorial. "- Ate Lyn Lyn, Mom of Patricia

"I'm so blessed that Sparklers Tutorial offered free tutorial at Baybay. I saw how kids learned at tutorial in a way that I find them enjoying. Thank you Sparklers for such a reward. I’m blessed that my kid was one of them. Thank you for teaching them to love God and establish their faith in the Lord. Thank you for teaching them to worship God, to pray and to love their family and friends. Thank you for the heart in serving them and loving them. Truly God is working at the lives of these people. "- Nanay Margielyn, Mom of Jaicka

"Our family is grateful to Sparklers for being a good influence to Yuhan to have the interest to study. And for putting so much hardwork in teaching the kids. Thank you for doing follow-up with Yuhan even though he has already graduated from the tutorial. Sparklers is very close to Yuhan’s heart and he would still want to go and visit and spent his free time at tutorial. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your great passion with the Kids. Continue touching their lives! - Yuhan’s Family

Sparklers has helped to remind me that children are precious in the sight of God and that kids are gift from God and they are just entrusted to us by God. They need to know that they are loved and that they are precious, the same way God sees them. Jesus loves them and cares for them. Sparklers played a very great role in impacting our children and it is very noble thing to do for each tutorial kid. The kids enjoyed whenever they are at tutorial house . They feel that they are precious and loved and cared for no matter how they behaved at tutorial. Thank you also for being a blessing to the us parents. Thank you for touching our lives through this ministry. Your are doing a great job. Thank for being a blessing in so many ways. - Evan, Mom of James Ivan

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