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A Ministry Serious About Transformation

Sparklers Ministries International is founded by Sylvia Chen, a Singaporean missionary who is passionate about empowering children to realise their fullest potentials.

"When you educate children and believe in them, you empower these kids to pursue and fulfill their dreams.


Regardless of culture, every child should be loved. 


Every child should be provided with at least 3 balanced meals a day. Every child should live in a caring home and receive good education.


Children should not be forced into child labour or other forms of exploitations or abuse (physical/emotional/substance abuse/neglect). " - Sylvia Chen 


Sparklers Ministries in Asia

Sylvia Chen has been providing Children's Ministries training to Sunday School teachers of Tacloban City since Nov 2011. She has conducted numerous Children's Camps, ministering to hundreds of Filipino children. She speaks some waray waray, their native dialect, and is familiar with the culture of Philippines.


In Year 2012, Sylvia started her first free tuition programme with the kids of a village called Alimasag. When Super Typhoon Haiyan struck the city in Nov 2013, Sylvia assisted in providing immediate relief to the villagers of Alimasag. She also provided medical support to many of the children who were infected with various diseases during the aftermath of the Super Typhoon.


She was a great help to the rehabilitation process of rebuilding lives. Till date, Sylvia has served faithfully in Tacloban City, Philippines for 8 years.

Over the decade, Sylvia has also participated in assisting marginalised children in other parts of Asia. She is specialised in running Children’s camps and is currently pursuing her masters in counseling. She has a burden for children who are traumatised and believes that she is called to create a safe space for these children to find healing.

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