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Jobert M. Pindos

AGE: 6 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 7 Dec 2009

This is the second year that Jobert is joining Sparklers tutorial. Well done Jobert! Through our ministry last year, Jobert despite the condition of his eyes was able to develop his motor skills and has learnt to be a more confident child with better self-esteem.


Jobert is able to mingle with others well and he is always the first one to cheer for his friends during their learning activities. Although Jobert can only see blurry images, he is a very active boy who is very optimistic and always joyful.


He is able to name all the Alphabets from Letter A-Z and is able to give the sound of each letter accurately. Although he could hardly see, he still loves to come to our tuition centre and enjoys every activity that the class is doing, be it games or colouring and writing or action songs. I’m proud of my teachers who take special care to assist Jobert in all activities so that he can enjoy learning like any healthy child.


Jobert’s father died during Super Typhoon Haiyan, and since then the family faces more challenges than before. Jobert’s  mother is not educated and this results in her having a hard time getting a proper job that pays well. With the aftermath of a deadly Typhoon, it’s hard for this widowed mother to provide for her family.


Having gone through such hardships, Jobert’s mom strongly encourages her two youngest children, Jobert and Jasmin to pursue their studies. Both Jobert and his younger sister Jasmin showed great interest to learn while attending our tuition programme. They are also always motivated by their eldest sister to study hard because that’s the best thing they can have. We are glad that Jobert and Jasmin has such family support because it is not common for families living in poverty to value their children’s education.

Jasmin M. Pindos
MeAnn P. Dosal
Arjay Gideon M. Lingo
Jairus P. Magbagay
Aliyah E.Remandaban
Redjoy Papauran
Zurin E.Espina
Clint E.Espina
Jobert M. Pindos
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