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Free Pre-school Education In Tacloban!

Dear friends, here's some updates on my latest trip to Tacloban!

Sparklers Ministries International has been offering free education to the kids at a new village called Bay Bay, San Jose since Nov 2015. This June, 4 of the older kids on the left (aged 5 to 11) will go to Elementary School! We praise God for His guidance and for touching the hearts of their parents to value the importance of education in these little lives. We are glad the parents saw this tuition programme as good and helpful after seeing their kids' little achievement from our ministry. This certainly blessed our hearts greatly!

A group pose with the 3 kids taking a Paddicab to attend the tuition as they live a little further away from our Centre.

Visitation of kids who were part of the tuition programme of Sparklers Ministries International since year 2012 before the Super-typhoon Haiyan struck their village in worst hit area of San Jose. Many of them were made orphans overnight and are relocated to live in the mountains after Haiyan. 74 year old grandma, Lola Yonida Edara, has to take care of her grandchildren alone but thank God, He is Emmanuel.

More Kids! These kids used to live in shabby wooden houses in San Jose. We do not know why a typhoon has to strike their city. However, through the trials, God provided new permanent brick houses for them. Indeed His plans are to prosper and not to harm us.

With our sweeties, Jasmine (left) and Joylyn. Jasmine, although diagnosed as deaf and mute, now dances along when she hears music and is able to call my name and even say 'Bye Bye!'. God is a miracle Healer! Her sister Joylyn has also fully recovered from Tuberculosis.

Here's Joyce who keeps playing and moving whenever I tried to take a photograph of her. She is my joy and encouragement when I am faced with difficulties and disappointment serving in a foreign land. In the aftermath of Haiyan, Joyce had health complications and almost lost her life. Many called me crazy to leave my work in Singapore to spend 2 weeks in a Tacloban Hospital with her. I am glad I did so! Joyce is now a healthy child and is doing well in school!

Last but not least, we have Erich who went into a coma after suffering a seizure in Feb 2015. She regained consciousness after a week but continues to suffer a brain damage, live damage and other complications. Sparklers Ministries International took care of her and through many contributions raised more than 1 Million Pesos for her medical fees. Over the past 7 months, Erich's health has been strengthened by God's grace. Since last Sep, Erich has gone back home with her mother.

Thank you for your partnership and support! :)

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