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First Step to the Unreached People Group in Cambodia

When I attended Kingdom Invasion Conference in Mar 2017, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to go the unreached people group in Cambodia. I started committing this idea in prayer and by His will, doors were opened for me to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Trying out a local food stall for typical cambodian delicacy

Trying out a local food stall for typical cambodian delicacy.

I am blessed to have a Malaysian missionary couple, Pastor David and his wife Pastor Fun who showed me around and gave me opportunities to visit the villagers. I'm glad to understand more about Cambodian culture and hear testimonies of how they turn their trust to Jesus.

A group picture after our time of praise and worship.

Receiving fresh mangoes from their tree in the backyard.

Glad that our presence brought smiles to their faces.

It pains my heart to see these siblings live all by themselves in this shabby house.

After an argument with her husband, their mom left home with the baby and is still not back after 2 weeks. Their papa is nowhere to be seen too. Praying for protection upon these kids especially in the dark and quiet nights. May their parents come home for them soon.


I was invited to share in a house church and do a children's program in one of the villages on Sunday. I thank God for such a priviledge. As easter approaches, our topic was on the passover and I thank Jesus for being our Passover Lamb!

Sharing at Harvest Home Church on Sunday morning.

Children Ministry at Bakaong Village on Sunday afternoon.

Memories with these wonderful children.

I still do not know God's long term plans for Sparklers in Cambodia but I trust the Holy Spirit will continue to reveal the Father's plans to us as we continue to seek Him with hearts that are willing to obey and submit to His will.


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