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Redjoy Papauran

AGE: 5 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 21 JAN 2011

Redjoy lives in Balanak, San Jose in Tacloban City. She lives close to her classmates Aliyah and Zurin. Redjoy’s Father is a pedicab driver and her mom is a housewife. RedJoy is the 3rd among 4 siblings. She has a little sister who will ride with her in the pedicab as her father sends her for her lessons at Sparklers.


Before  SuperTypoon Haiyan, the family lived in Payapay which is at the end part of Baybay, San Jose. It was a slum area near the beach, where kids on that street are commonly seen to be naked and barefooted. Redjoy used to be one of those kids.


At the start of tutorial this June, Redjoy was a very quite girl who isolated her self from the other kids. Thankfully, she is now active in our classroom activities and have the courage to stand in front of her classmates for whiteboard presentations or songs. She is able to understand instructions and obey them. Although Redjoy is more comfotable playing alone, through many of our team building games in class, she has now learnt to share toys and build good friendship with her classmates.


Over time, Redjoy learnt to be more expressive and now she

loves to volunter to help the teachers distribute worksheets and pencils to the other children. She desires to be a teacher when she grows up. She definitely has great potential to pursue and fulfill her dreams! 

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Clint E.Espina
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Redjoy Papauran
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