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Zurin E.Espina

AGE: 5 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 20 JAN 2011

Zurin is the 8th among 10 siblings. He is the “kuya” (older brother) of Clint who is also is this class. Zurin is introvert who doesn't speak much. He went to Daycare Center previously but attended only for a week. His Mom told us that he hated school and refused to go to school after the first week there.


During Sparklers enrollment to receive our 2nd batch of students, his Mom wanted him to join because she heard from neighbors how Batch 1 kids enjoyed the tutorial. On the day Zurin’s mom brought him to our tuition centre, he resisted a lot and threw a tantrum.


During the first few days of lessons, Zurin doesn’t participate in our activities. He was quiet and shy and doesn't want to make new friends. Today, we are proud of Zurin that he has overcome his fear of school and he is delighted whenever he is asked to come in front of the class for our whiteboard activities. He is a sweet child who finds joy even in very simple things! :)

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Zurin E.Espina
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