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Aliyah E.Remandaban

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)


DOB: 25 JAN 2012

Aliyah is the youngest among 5 siblings.

She has an older brother who is a special child. Her mother needs to care for her older brother more than the other children so sometimes Aliyah feels neglected although she is the youngest in the family.

Aliyah’s father is a construction worker and her mother is a housewife. To earn extra income, the family sells ice in their house.

When Aliyah first joined our tutorial, she was shy and does not enjoy participating in class activities especially in dance and action songs. However as she gets comfortable with her new friends and teachers, she now enjoys dancing along and singing with a loud voice and she always keeps a big smile on her face!

Aliyah is expressive and good in arts. She takes time in coloring and wants her work to be neat. She is smart and is a fast learner in recognising new alphabets.

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Aliyah E.Remandaban
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