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Jasmin M. Pindos

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 17 MAR 2012

Jasmin is the youngest sister of Jobert. Like her Kuya (elder brother) Jobert, this is the 2nd year she is attending our tutorial. Jasmin has learnt to be attentive, joyful and helpful and has shown great improvement in her work and attitude towards others. She used to be moody most of the time, but she is now friendly and willing to share food with her classmates.


Day by day, we see her becoming more responsible and she is now able to understand and follow the instructions that the teachers give her.


Jasmin improved a lot in her writings and colouring. She used to cry when she was asked to stand in front of her classmates to present an activity but this year, she has also gain confidence for whiteboard activities in front of her classmates. She has also became a great story teller of her life and would share with us details in life like what time she woke up, what she had for breakfast, what games did she play with her friends…. We are so proud of little Jasmin’s achievements! Her smile really melts our hearts and we cant help but give her a big heart when she smiles at us J


Her favourite song is the “Salvation Song” in Tagalog and she is excited to go to elementary school next June!

MeAnn P. Dosal
Arjay Gideon M. Lingo
Jairus P. Magbagay
Aliyah E.Remandaban
Redjoy Papauran
Zurin E.Espina
Clint E.Espina
Jobert M. Pindos
Jasmin M. Pindos
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