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Arjay Gideon M. Lingo

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 14 MAY 2012

Gideon started joining Sparklers Tuition on Nov 2015 at the age of 3. He celebrated his 4th Birthday in the tutorial. We call him Wonder boy because at his very young age, he tries to talk like an adult, act like an adult and think like an adult. He is the most influential among the other kids. He is always the one who takes the lead in everything (but most of the time it's a mess) :).


Gideon used to address others by their first name or “Hoy” which is unusual in Filipino culture because Filipinos are known to be respectful to those who are older than them and will address them as Ate (older sister) or kuya (older brother). After spending a few months in our classes, Gideon’s mom complimented that he is becoming polite and respectful. He has learnt to say, “excuse me” and “thank you” and addresses others with the proper terms.


Gideon is the only child and his mom gave birth to him at a young age of 19. His father works in an Appliance and Upholstery Store in Tacloban as a Driver Assistant. They deliver goods to Leyte and Samar. His mom is a housewife and sometimes accepts extra jobs such as laundry to get extra income.


He loves music and also loves animals like birds and chickens, in fact anything with feathers. :) He feeds them every morning and when his Papa is away for work for few days, his papa would assign him to take care of the rooster in the house. He is proud of that assignment and feels he is an adult.

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Arjay Gideon M. Lingo
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