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Clint E.Espina  

AGE: 3 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 20 Aug 2012

Clint is a very active boy who loves action songs and is able to sing them from memory. Since he is the youngest in class, he loves to act like a little baby and crawl under our classroom tables. However, when the teachers ask him to sit down, he will listen to instructions and will also say “sorry Teacher”.


Clint is very polite towards his teachers. He has many ideas and has many stories to tell. He loves craft too and is curious about everything around him. He is a friend to all.


Clint is sometimes absent from tutorial when he has asthma attacks. I pray that God will heal him completely and continue to use him mightily because Clint is a great joy in our midst.


We are blessed by his presence because although he is the youngest, he has learned to say sorry when he knows he did something not so good. He finds it so easy to say sorry, which most adults find it hard to do it. We ought to learn to be like a child. Our precious lesson from Clint is this: A child forgives and forgets! Great job Clint!!

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