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MeAnn P. Dosal

AGE: 3 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 5 JAN 2013

MeAnn is the niece of Jasmin and Jobert. MeAnn’s Mom married at the age of 16. MeAnn has a 1 year old baby sister whom she assist to take care of when their Mom is doing house chores. She is loves her baby sister and always talks about her baby sister during her conversations with her friends and classmates.  She is a quiet little girl who is more mature than her Auntie Jasmin.


Jasmin is 1 year older than MeAnn and they are playmates. Although MeAnn is younger, she always gives in to her Auntie Jasmin during their games. She seems to understand more, maybe because she is an “ate” (older sister) in the family while Jasmin is the youngest in their family.


MeAnn is a steady child who doesn't have much mood swings. She is very forgiving towards her Auntie Jasmin who tends to bully her neice. She is good in handling scissors or cutting whenever we have cutting activities/ craft. Her mom shared that MeAnn loves to write in the house after tutorial. She continues learning in their house and has improved a lot in her writing. She is always active in lessons and worship. She is doing well in her studies and has great eagerness to learn.


Her mom feels stress during the weekdays because MeAnn knows how to reason with her and fight for herself so that she will not have to miss any tutorial. Whenever her mom would say, “MeAnn, you will not go to tutorial today because I will go somewhere else.” MeAnn would reply, “I know you will just go to our neighbor and talk to each other, and I will take care of baby.” Her Mama finds it so amusing and then says “You really know everything now. Ok if you want to go to tutorial. You can go.” This is what MeAnn’s mom will share to us when they reach our tuition centre.  :)

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