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Jairus P. Magbagay

AGE: 4 (as of Jun 2016)

DOB: 5 JAN 2012


Because his parents separated and remarried, Jairus lives with his maternal grandmother since he was born.


Despite being in a broken family, Jairus is happy living with his Grandmother, Lola Belen.


Jairus is quite talkative in class. He reads loudly and participates with his self-cheorographed funny actions whenever he is being taught a new song! Of course, with those funny actions, the whole class laughs along with him.


He is such an active boy who often climbs on the backs of Teacher Salvie and Teacher Terry. Recently, Jairus learnt to say sorry to his classmates when he did something wrong.


He has also improved in his writing skills. Jairus used say that he is tired and he would start to pack up whenever he was being assigned a worksheet during our lesson. With much encouragement from our very patient Sparklers Teachers, he is now able to finish his worksheets and hand them up on time.


Jairus loves to color and he is the most punctual amongst his classmates. 

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Jairus P. Magbagay
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